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Design 1(1) Still tweaking the design!

(2) Pixar Animator Enrico Casarosa On The Inspiring Work Of Hayao Miyazaki

(3) Top 10 Romantic Movies for Geeks

(4) Pod Hotels Coming To An Airport Near You

(5) Page By Page Creative Lamp

Weekend 202.0

(1) Great quote from a commenter on NRO:

My point is that here’s a guy who might be amenable to a pro-business conversion, if someone would explain it to him, instead of just commiserating with him (as the article does) or ridiculing him (as some posters here have done). I bet most of these OWS kids have never heard that passion about something is not enough–it takes imagination, work and risk to make a living out of something you love. Those are the atoms of free enterprise, and we should be evangelical about it.

(2) quoin

1. an external solid angle of a wall or the like.
2. one of the stones forming it; cornerstone.
3. any of various bricks of standard shape for forming corners of brick walls or the like.
4. a wedge-shaped piece of wood, stone, or other material, used for any of various purposes.
5. Printing. a wedge of wood or metal for securing type in a chase.

(3) Nostalgia: Reading Cline’s Ready Player One rekindled memories of playing ULTIMA IV on an Apple IIe.

(4) The early days of the New York City subway (Original Source: @MTAInsider and @BBC_Travel)

(5) Stained glass from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

(6) Retired Italian Railroad Transformed Into a Low Impact Recreational Promenade

The sign read USED UP

Design of the Digital Age

What distinguishes Laarman’s work is the powerful way he interweaves distinct categories and practices; for example, using the increasing power of digital technology to draw ever closer to the old dream (of the Art Nouveau movement, among others) of replicating nature, not through mere symbolism but rather unpacking its unseen codes and rewriting them into objects. The machine, in a sense, brings us into the garden.

Excerpt from Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy

“The technology has to be considered as larger than just the inanimate pieces of hardware,” said Felsenstein. “The technology represents inanimate ways of thinking, objectified ways of thinking. The myth we see in WarGames and things like that is definitely the triumph of the individual over the collective dis-spirit. [The myth] is attempting to say that the conventional wisdom and common understandings must always be open to question. It’s not just an academic point. It’s a very fundamental point of, you might say, the survival of humanity, in a sense that you can have people [merely] survive, but humanity is something that’s a little more precious, a little more fragile. So that to be able to defy a culture which states that “Thou shalt not touch this,’ and to defy that with one’s own creative powers is…the essence.”

Weekend 195.0

Playmobil Flower Spice Jar III(1) Confessions of a Typomaniac (WSJ)

(1a) 20 Nice Elegant Fonts

(2) High-Value Rust on Wheels (WSJ)

(3) Peer-to-Peer Pioneer Sees New York Bicycles Pier-to-Pier

(4) Illustration by Rory Kurtz

Weekend 185.0 (Austin Edition)

Playmobil Bike II(1) Austin Museum of Art (AMOA)

(1a) GOOD DESIGN: stories from herman miller

(2) Game On (Austin Monthly) – Short article about Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) and the video game industry in Austin.

(2a) Ulitma IV, Apple IIe

(2b) South by Southwest Interactive

(3) Dining in Austin? Limestone recommends La Traviata

Wall Street Journal • Saturday/Sunday, June 4-5, 2011

(4) How Europe Lost Faith in Its Own Civilization

(5) Caution: Universal Icons at Work

(6) Interstate Highways as a Long-Haul Project

(7) Why We Must Learn to Love Weeds

“Ralph Waldo Emerson opted for usefulness and said that a weed was simply “a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” This is a generous and botanically friendly idea, suggesting that reprieves may still be possible for the condemned.”

(8) The Festival of Britain 1951

Weekend 165.0

New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show
The Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden
I tried to select a photograph from this adventure with a (1) train, (2) flower(s), and (3) one of the 140 landmark buildings constructed entirely of natural materials.

How accurate? You decide.

Here is a picture of the TWA “Bird Terminal” at JFK created by botanical artists and here is the NYC Landmark designed by Eero Saarinen.

Limestone Flashback
Bird Terminal at JFK
AirTrain, JetBlue and Bird Terminal


JetBlue – Taylor Swift Live from T5 – Back to December

Weekend 138.0

(1) The 6 craftsmen/artists featured in Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle at the Museum of Arts & Design.

Sacha White
Richard Sachs
Jeff Jones
Mike Flanigan
Dario Pegoretti
Peter Weigle

Some cool pictures from the PreSpoke event @ NYC Velo from (Prolly Is Not Probably).

(2) Pill shaped aluminum container. The blogger with many visions™ suggests you don’t ask questions.

(3) :: CWG Design ::
(4) Fragile Future III – Part 1
(5) Fragile Future III – Part 2

Iconic Coffee Cup (6) Vote for your favourite Union flag


(8) Leslie Buck, Designer of Iconic Coffee Cup, Dies at 87

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