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Weekend 165.0

New York Botanical Garden Holiday Train Show
The Holiday Train Show at the New York Botanical Garden
I tried to select a photograph from this adventure with a (1) train, (2) flower(s), and (3) one of the 140 landmark buildings constructed entirely of natural materials.

How accurate? You decide.

Here is a picture of the TWA “Bird Terminal” at JFK created by botanical artists and here is the NYC Landmark designed by Eero Saarinen.

Limestone Flashback
Bird Terminal at JFK
AirTrain, JetBlue and Bird Terminal


JetBlue – Taylor Swift Live from T5 – Back to December

Weekend Retreat

Trappist Sunrise II

I spent the weekend at St. Joseph’s Abbey in Spencer, MA. and took this photo on our way to the Abbey Church on Sunday morning at 6:40. I’m not really sure how the other retreatant(s) spent their weekend; I spent hours of it reading and was fortunate enough to discover this verse in a book of poetry by Caryll Houselander. Suppose I’m a nutter.

Low Mass on Sunday
Our fears are not, after all,
something to push out of sight,
madmen behind the bars:
in the lifted hands of Christ
our wounds are solitary stars,
answering, out of the night,
to the Light of God.

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