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Weekend 186.0

Playmobil Tulips IV(1) Morris Mini Cooper S (Flickr)

(2) The Terrifying Truth About New Technology: Do robots and Twitter make you nervous? Growing old is what you’re really afraid of

(3) Kumho Tires 2009 Commercial “Missing Something?”

(4) “…paving tarmac was never enough. There needed to be some kind of catalyst present, whether it’s the Warfare State, the Pentagon, the Internet’s trunk routes, or the guaranteed connections of a monster hub like O’Hare, which handled more people back in 1960 than Ellis Island did in its entire existence.” — John D. Kasarda / Greg Lindsay, Aerotropolis: The Way We’ll Live Next

(5) Tel Aviv, Azrieli center

(6) Beauty in a Dark Time by Michael Potemra

Weekend 180.0 (49127)

NYC - Chelsea: Bicycle Mural(1) Tatsumi: A Life in Animation

(2) Humanize Your Morning

(3) 49127 was my Bike NY number. The tour sold out in 1 day this year!

(3a) Brompton Bicycle

Weekend 145.0

(1) Train Etiquette – A grumpy 22 year old’s code of locomotive conduct.

Hi. I'm Norm

(2) A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game (WSJ)

“Poor Ghana has been triumphed over by British, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish colonialists, the Kwame Nkrumah regime, a CIA-sponsored coup and at least four other coups just since the 1900s. But I guess this is a separate question from why people don’t use their hands in soccer.)”

(3) Obama is a Socialist (55%)

Weekend 143.1

(1) Robo-Bedding from the Land of Nod.

(2) Forget That Trip You Had Planned to the National Soccer Hall of Fame (WSJ)

(3) Alnaschar and the Oxen by Rudyard Kipling

There’s a valley, under oakwood, where a man may dream his dream,
In the milky breath of cattle laid at ease,
Till the moon o’ertops the alders, and her image chills the stream,
And the river-mist runs silver round their knees!
Now the footpaths fade and vanish; now the ferny clumps deceive;
Now the hedgerow-folk possess their fields anew;
Now the Herd is lost in darkness, and I bless them as I leave,
My Sussex Cattle feeding in the dew!

(4) “non-redundant events per unit [of] time” (WSJ)

(5) Art in the Airport [Austin-Bergstrom International Airport]

(6) Fight For Your Bike

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