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Weekend 183.0

Train Station III(1) Easter Eggs!

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(1a) London Bookstore
(1b) London Taxi

(2) Beyond Spandex: Chic Styles for Cyclists Take Off (WSJ)

(3) Roma sets sights on Landon Donovan?

(4) “Woke up in London yesterday…found myself in the city near Piccadilly.”

(5) Samsung Infuse 4G “Spider”

The Greek language has two words for time: “chronos,” time measurable in years, and “kairos,” time of opportunity, time of grace.

(6) 3D Scenery by Jeremy Vickery

Teary Pitch

(1) Bolton Mourn Nat Lofthouse: Their Best Player And Biggest Fan

Wake Up! It’s Darby Day!

Liverpool versus Everton!

Timothy Filiga “Tim” Cahill

Limestone Archives

(1) Weekend 129.1

(2) You’ll Never Walk Alone

Weekend 145.0

(1) Train Etiquette – A grumpy 22 year old’s code of locomotive conduct.

Hi. I'm Norm

(2) A Modest Proposal for Improving a Dull Game (WSJ)

“Poor Ghana has been triumphed over by British, Portuguese, German, Dutch and Danish colonialists, the Kwame Nkrumah regime, a CIA-sponsored coup and at least four other coups just since the 1900s. But I guess this is a separate question from why people don’t use their hands in soccer.)”

(3) Obama is a Socialist (55%)

Weekend 144.0 (July 4th)

(1) Make your own Playmobil® flash drive

…when all of a sudden I found the one true sign that God wants me to quit my job, massacre Playmobil® men and turn them into functioning USB drives.

(1a) Disassembly of your Playmobil® figures

(1b) Know matter how hard I try on this project I just can’t commit Klickyicide (or Klickycide???) [Klicky].

(2) Notable (and timely) July 4th quote:

“…calling upon God to damn all that had any hand in makeing the bill of Parliament called the Stamp Act: and in Libelling in the most Ignominious manner some in the most Elevated Stations in Civil authority.”

(2a) “Sunset” by Earl Roppel

Flag of our country, strong and true,
The sky is rosy with your bars;
But as they fade it turns to blue
And radiant with your stars.

And as I watch the setting sun,
I call to God apart,
“Give me the soul of Washington,
And give me Lincoln’s heart.”

(3) Know your British Generals: William Tryon (WIKI)

“While Tryon waited for Garth, he sent out parties to test the American defenses on Round Hill and to seize the Upper Bridge. Whiting had done his work well. The defenders at Round Hill refused to surrender any of their territory to the British, and the men at the Bridge, having dismantled its floor, managed to keep the attackers on the west side of the river. Tryon was furious when he learned that he would be unable to cross Ash Creek. He had planned to lead both his own and Garth’s force into Stratfield, strike Black Rock Fort from the rear, destroy the shipping at the harbor, and reembark from that location.”

*(2) and (3) are from Fairfield: the biography of a community (1639 – 1989) by Thomas J. Farnham.

(4) The Case of the Missing Bikes (WSJ)

(5) Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded

(5a) Sponsor Nationwide drops England football team

(6) “The Girl Who Dashes Through Time”

Weekend 143.2

(1) Donovan to Man City? (Baltimore Sun)

(2) Defeating a pesky DUSTFLIER (YouTube)

(3) Burgoyne and his uncle built the Tamiya Solar Car (CY601) this weekend. I like the Aerial Ropeway Passenger Cabin (#70120).

(3A) Compression: Aerial Ropeway (Limestone Archives)

(4) The Instapundit on the deliciousness of the Dark ‘n’ Stormy. The blogger with many visions™ has known about the clarity inducing wonders of the Dark ‘n’ Stormy for a very long time. Once upon a time you could get it in a can.

Weekend 143.1

(1) Robo-Bedding from the Land of Nod.

(2) Forget That Trip You Had Planned to the National Soccer Hall of Fame (WSJ)

(3) Alnaschar and the Oxen by Rudyard Kipling

There’s a valley, under oakwood, where a man may dream his dream,
In the milky breath of cattle laid at ease,
Till the moon o’ertops the alders, and her image chills the stream,
And the river-mist runs silver round their knees!
Now the footpaths fade and vanish; now the ferny clumps deceive;
Now the hedgerow-folk possess their fields anew;
Now the Herd is lost in darkness, and I bless them as I leave,
My Sussex Cattle feeding in the dew!

(4) “non-redundant events per unit [of] time” (WSJ)

(5) Art in the Airport [Austin-Bergstrom International Airport]

(6) Fight For Your Bike

World Cup Update (& Football Poetry)

Football at Limestone Roof is a 365 day love affair SO there were no special posts regarding the US victory in group play against Algeria. The blogger with many visions™ is ecstatic because of his (a) long-standing man crush on Landon Donovan, (b) England and Holland are in the Round of 16, (c) the US won Group C (first time since 1930), and (d) Les Bleus and the Azzurri are crawling back to Europe.

Some of the tournament disappointments…I wish New Zealand and/or Australia advanced to the Round of 16. England versus Germany is a lousy quarter-final match up (especially in light of England’s Greatest Fear) AND Brazil, Mexico and Cristiano Ronaldo are still in the tournament.

On the straw behind the goal by John Oliver
I watched the match
when I was a lad lying on straw behind the goal
Envied the people in the stands
But I did not mind the cold.
All those winter Saturday mornings
When North East winds would blow
I would turn up at St James’s Park
And help to shift the snow.
Now I sit high up in the Gallowgate end
A glass roof above my head
In our ultra modern stadium, but I feel it must be said
That I saw, Milburn, Mitchell, Robledo
Names etched upon my soul
Watching the match when I was a lad
Lying on the straw behind the goal.

Weekend 142.0

“I understand the rules of football so well that apparently when two Slovenian guys mug an American guy the American guy gets called for a foul. That’s how well I understand the rules.”
– Andy Roddick

USA versus ENGLAND Replay in LEGO®

This is absolutely brilliant!

Content Credit: J. Buck

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