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(Parametric) Intelligence

The three qualities of intelligent people (not exhaustive, subject to change and a work in progress):

(1) Forecasting

“Time and time again, Salazar, for all his lack of his own world vision, or notion of where Portugal fitted into global politics, got it right in forecasting the postwar order of Europe…sitting alone in his office plotting Portugal’s postwar politics, Salazar confided to British and American diplomats that he envisaged little prospect of the Soviet Union conducting itself as a decent member of the European family of nations.”

Source: Lisbon: War in the Shadows of the City of Light, 1939-1945 by Neill Lochery

Forecasting done against the backdrop of war when moods and sentiments changed with news published on the wires.

(2) Intuition

“In articles and books over the past five years, Dr. Gigerenzer has developed the startling claim that intuition makes our decisions not just quicker but better. He rejects the notion that hunches are second best, trading off accuracy for effort to achieve decisions that are “good enough” but not perfect.”

Source: All Hail the Hunch—and Damn the Details by Matt Ridley

(3) Delaying Gratification

“…these and later studies on delayed gratification have shown that self-discipline is a bigger predictor of later success than other factors such as I.Q.”

Source: Hope, Greed, and Fear: The Psychology Behind the Financial Crisis

Jobs Tribute

Cars II“Shortly after Christmas, Jobs phoned Lucasfilm president Doug Norby, who, by now, was eager to wash his hands of the graphics group any way he could. The sale process had been a major distraction and the group’s forty-person payroll was a money sink. If he couldn’t sell it by the end of the year, he had decided, he would shut it down— thank you, and good-bye. Jobs offered him five million dollars, precisely the figure he had put forward at the outset. Norby accepted.

On Thursday, January 30, 1986, Catmull, Smith, and Johnson signed papers creating a new company and turning the graphics group and it technology over to the company. The spin-off was named Pixar, Inc., for the computer. On February 3, the following Monday, the three of them sat down with Jobs in a law firm conference room to sign the papers transferring ownership of the Pixar stock. Catmull and Smith, as co-founders, would each own 4 percent; another block of stock, vesting over a period of time, would be spread among the other thirty-eight employees. Jobs brought with him a five-million-dollar cashier’s check for this stake, plus a one-million-dollar cashier’s check as the first installment of the five million in capital he had agreed to put into the company.”

The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company by David A. Price

A Jobs Agenda

Station Iwafune, Tochigi

Station art from Makoto Shinkai.

I’ll be waiting for you in the station’s waiting room at 7:00 that night.

Stained Glass

Playmobil Stained Glass

(1) Do you ever wish…

(2) In between the lines…

(3) Weekend 141.1

(4) This one needs to be colored!

Auld Lang Syne

Days of Auld Lang What?

The Road Into the Open: Could a best-selling Finnish novel change your life?

Christmas Day 2010

I have 8 minutes (less now) before 12.26. How about a quote from my Missal?

Let us pray [that the love of Christ will be a light to the world]
Father, we are filled with the new light
by the coming of your Word among us.
May the light of faith
shine in our words and actions.
Grant this…for ever and ever.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Cantare amantis est (singing belongs to one who loves)

Christmas Week

On Palin’s Reading List, C.S. Lewis (WSJ)

For Lewis, one of the best ways to know a person was to know what they read. He was convinced that books defined us and shaped our character. He realized that books did more than prepare people for interesting conversations with journalists—they prepare us to respond to the crises we encounter in our own lives.

Found on the Intertubes, Part 1

I found this graphical bauble searching for a picture of an oak chair made from salvaged wood from the Temeraire that is at the Whanganui Regional Museum in New Zealand.

Quote 1
“Light intensities bring depth of emotions, dramatic changes of moods, fears, ecstasies or apathies. Light has defined art from the beginning of mankind- in architecture, in sculpture, in painting. Colors are in the light itself, and colors are made visible by light. Michelangelo molds light over the body, and Rodin breaks light, making it vibrate over the surface. Turner brings the intensity of light in his paintings to a blinding force, a virtual torch. Malevich traps light on a white canvas. Artists have always played with light because it is the most important element to play with; there is nothing that substitutes for it.”

– Massimo Vignelli, The Vignelli Canon

Quote 2
“It seems ironic to think of fog as a vehicle for clarity. But it was. The thick layer of moist cloud was a palpable reminder that I don’t want to live my life without clear site. I want to see past the surface of things- like the poets do. I want to find my way to the invisible force that hold life in being.”

– Paula D’Arcy, Daily Reflections for ADVENT and CHRISTMAS

Advent 2010, Week 3

Marcia Morrissey writes another beautiful Advent-inspired article with Less Later, More Now!

…let us decorate our homes, even if we’re a little depressed, even if we are fearful. Let us place lights around to remind us of the “light of the world,” and prepare all the things that make us joyful to welcome the newborn King. He makes all things new. Believe it. Claim it. Trust in it. And share that hope with others!

These questions from Paula D’Arcy are complementary.

The manger makes a fierce demand: Will you allow something extraordinary to materialize in your life? Will you take full responsibility for your life? Will you look around you and reach into the world, willing to love more deeply?

I don’t want my arms to be so full, my attention so distracted, that I cannot hear that fierce demand. In my better moments, I know the final work of every life is love. All we have is this moment. Right now. The journey to Bethlehem beckons.

For these days of Advent I will slow down, not speed up. I will take more care with people, not less. I will be aware of my own personhood. What am I creating with this life I’ve been given?

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